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Check out the HVAC calculator on our website @ Calculate air conditioner and dehumidifier requirements for commercial size flower rooms.

Installing an ICM Head
Pressure Controller for cool
& cold outdoor weather

ICM 333 Pressure Head Controller

Dehumidifier air temperature can be adjusted up or down by installing a “head pressure controller” on the outdoor, 5 ton condenser unit.

Subcooled 705 Grow Room
Dehumidifier reduces electric costs in your grow room

Gain control over your environmental costs with the Subcooled 705 grow room dehumidifier. You can reduce grow room heat by using smaller air conditioners. The Subcooled 705 removes 705 pints of water per day and emits cool, dry air. Call or Contact Subcooled Air today for further information!

Reduce Electric Use in Grow Room

Subcooled-reduce electric costs video

You can reduce electric use in your grow room by reducing the heat inside of it. Subcooled’s hybrid dehumidifiers can lower flower room heat by up to 50%!

Subcooled 705 Dehumidifier Performance

Subcooled 705 Dehumidifier Performance

The Subcooled 705 Grow Room Dehumidifier put to the test. Daytime water removal demonstration at 80F, 60% relative humidity.

Industrial Air Conditioner

This video demonstrates operation and features of The Subcooled 6000 portable industrial air conditioner.

Grow Room Dehumidifier

Grow Room Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier performance in cool room, simulating lights-off commercial indoor grow room.