Subcooled 705
Grow Room

Lights-off humidity control in larger cannabis grow rooms typically requires multiple portable dehumidifiers that add heat to space.

Supply air is delivered cool during lights-on or warm and dry with lights-off. This split-system dehumidifier removes over 700 pints per day. Undersizing dehumidifiers results in higher room humidity levels just as an undersized air conditioner delivers high room temperature.

The Subcooled 705 dehumidifier connects to a standard 5 ton, R-410a air conditioner condensing unit. Plugs into a standard 15 amp, 115 volt wall receptacle.

The Subcooled 705 provides cool or warm, dry air for indoor humidity control


Subcooled 705 Growroom Dehumidifier with logo
Subcooled 705Grow Room Dehumidifier
Dimensions: 42″ W x 47″ L x 27″ H
Weight:300 pounds
Power Supply:115 Volt, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Full Load
4.8 amps @ 115 volts
7.0 amps; #14 AWG minimum cable
10.8 amps
Supply Air BlowerGrow Room Dehumidifier
Filter Size:20″H x 30″ W x 2″ deep
Heat:x condenser reheat
Refrigeration:connects to a 5 ton, R-410a, outdoor condensing unit
Lifting Optionsfork lift pockets in base
Subcooled 705
Subcooled 705 Growroom Dehumidifier with logo


Humidistat controlled drying

Stainless steel: drain pan and 3/4 inch drain coupling

1,000 cfm (nominal) supply air blower

Quiet operation, low static (ductable) Made in the USA

Designed for commercial use

Auto defrost allows operation in cool buildings HVAC technician friendly design


Limited Warranty:

One year warranty on any defective parts.

Limitation of Liability:

To the extent allowable under applicable law, Subcooled Air’s liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. Subcooled Air’s liability in all events is limited to and shall not exceed the cost of repair. Shipping damage is not covered.