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Hybrid Dehumidifier – The Subcooled 550

Subcooled 550 Hybrid Dehumidifier with logo

The Subcooled 550 Hybrid dehumidifier is a revolutionary Greenhouse dehumidifier that provides 550 pints per day of dehumidification and 3 tons of cooling from one unit. This grow room dehumidifier defines the future of cannabis grow room dehumidification!





Grow Room Dehumidifier – The Subcooled 705

Subcooled Air 705 Greenhouse Dehumidifier with logoThe Subcooled 705 Grow Room dehumidifier is a split-system cannabis grow room dehumidifier that removes over 700 pints of water per day. Supply air is delivered cool during lights-on or warm and dry with lights-off.








Industrial Dehumidifiers – The Subcooled SCA Series


Subcooled SCA-2000The Subcooled SCA-2000 Industrial Dehumidifier.

The Subcooled SCA line of Industrial dehumidifiers starts with our SCA-2000 commercial grade dehumidifier for commercial spaces that are less than 7,000 square feet. The Subcooled SCA-2000 controls outdoor heat and provides excellent humidity control.




Subcooled SCA-6000The Subcooled SCA-6000 Industrial Dehumidifier.

When energy use and precise temperature / humidity control are all factors in your application, the Subcooled SCA-6000 is a package that satisfies your warm weather requirements. Food, pharmaceuticals, specialty manufacturing, even industrial paint shops, are applications that the SCA-6000 is perfect for.




Subcooled SCA-7000The Subcooled SCA-7000 Heavy Duty Industrial Dehumidifier.

The Subcooled Air SCA-7000 Heavy Duty Industrial Dehumidifier is a complete warm weather climate control package powered by a diesel fuel generator, perfect for tight controls on temperature and humidity. Commercial buildings such as museums, hospitals and even schools that have specified humidity and temperature requirements will benefit greatly from this dehumidifier.