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Years in Business

Subcooled Air specializes in the design and production of engineered cooling, and dehumidification systems. Our corporate goal is to provide expertly designed cooling systems that meet the requirements of our most discerning customers. For over 15 years, we have maintained a founding commitment to our customers and created a vision for our company striving to achieve excellence in our people, relationships, and products.

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Remove Pints A Day

Subcooled 705 Dehumidifier – Lights-off humidity control in larger cannabis grow rooms typically require multiple portable dehumidifiers that add heat to space. Supply air is delivered cool during lights-on or warm and dry with lights-off. This split-system dehumidifier removes over 700 pints per day.

Undersizing dehumidifiers results in higher room humidity levels just as an undersized air conditioner delivers high room temperature. Connects to a standard 5 ton, R-410a air conditioner condensing unit. Plugs into a standard 15 amp, 115 volt wall receptacle.


Remove Pints A Day

550 pints per day of dehumidification and 3 tons of cooling from one unit. The main air conditioner in your grow room can be up to 50% smaller, since dehumidifier is cooling and not heating the room. Automatically switches from cooling to warmer supply air when lights turn off. Save thousands on initial HVAC cost and reduce monthly electric use.

Side by side supply and return allows the unit to be placed against a wall if desired. Gravity drainage eliminates the need for a trap in the drain line. Connects to a standard 5 ton, R-410a air conditioner condensing unit.

Our Team

Subcooled Air began building heavy-duty dehumidifiers in 2004. Back then sizes ranged from 15 to 60 ton dehumidifiers.

Subcooled Air people have a wide-range of talents that allow us to service the needs of our great customers.

Commercial and industrial temperature and humidity control has been our business for 15 years.

Give us a call to discuss your project. We’ll give you an engineered conversation to discuss HVAC options.

The right product for the commercial grower

Humidity is bad for grow rooms. Mold and mildew can grow overnight on product and ruin yields. Finding the best product for producing the best product is the way forward in this budding industry.

In 2015, Subcooled started getting requests from Growers looking for a solution and responded with the Subcooled 705 dehumidifier.

The Gulf Coast is hot and humid about seven months a year. Here in the Houston area, it’s a perfect place to test the dehumidifiers because of the high relative humidity. When we arrive at work in the morning, the outdoor temperature is 75 degrees F with 90% relative humidity.

A Subcooled 705 built without reheat is turned-on in our main shop and humidity drops below 50%. Our workers love it! They work in a “No Sweat” environment. The Subcooled 705 does the same thing for indoor grow rooms.


In 1980, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering under his belt, Tom Dillon went to work for Union Oil Company of California (76). Oil prices fell to $10 a barrel in 1999 and a new career path was needed. He studied for and received a Professional Engineering license in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. These credentials allowed Tom to work as a National Temperature Control Engineer for a global equipment rental company.

The industrial rental market lacked high capacity refrigerant-based dehumidifiers for hot, humid applications. This bore development of a 30 ton Subcooled dehumidifier in 2004. Humid summer air could now be reliably dried to 40 degree F dewpoint and supplied either cool or warm to industrial applications and processes. The same technology is used on a smaller scale for cannabis growing with the Subcooled 705 dehumidifier.

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