Troubleshooting your Subcooled Air Growroom Dehumidifier

Categorised in: | 15/07/2019

What can you do when your Subcooled Dehumidifier is blowing cold supply air all the time?



Subcooled Air Growroom Dehumidifier blows cold supply air all the time.

Blowing cold air over plants when lights are off is a problem. Our Subcooled Air Growroom Dehumidifiers are designed to switch from cool air to warm, dry air. When lights turn off, the room cools. An on-board reheat thermostat switches the dehumidifier from cool to warm supply air. If not installed properly, the dehumidifier always blows cold air.



Subcooled Air Growroom Dehumidifier units extract reheat from liquid refrigerant flowing to the dehumidifier. Maintaining 100 degree Fahrenheit liquid temperature at the condenser is easily done with a head pressure controller or low ambient kit. These devices slow down condenser fan speed to regulate liquid refrigerant pressure or temperature. Several inexpensive controller models are available (Headmaster, ICM333, Bayloam).

For a quick check of your Subcooled Air 705 Dehumidifier, grab the 3/8″ copper liquid line entering the dehumidifier. If it is warm (body temperature) you’re good! If the line feels cool (below 95F) little heat is available in the refrigerant, so less reheat is delivered.


Subcooled Air Dehumidifier and Temperature/Humidity Meter ICM Head Pressure Controller Subcooled Air Growroom Dehumidifier and Temperature/Humidity Meter