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With moisture removal rates of up to 70 gallons of water per day (inlet air; 80F @ 60%rh) the Subcooled SCA1000 Industrial Dehumidifier keeps building contents dry and workers comfortable. Moisture sensitive products and materials can safely be stored.

The Subcooled SCA1000 Industrial Dehumidifier is easy to operate and installs like a standard indoor blower/coil package. Unit operation is controlled with a humidistat. This high performance dehumidifier connects to a standard 5 ton outdoor a/c condenser unit. Indoor wiring is 120V (15 amp) power cable and a four-wire low voltage (24V) cable. Water is removed from the Subcooled SCA1000 Industrial Dehumidifier with a standard condensate drain line.



High humidity and condensation causes spoilage or damage to many products and processes. Damp air can ruin stored product or materials in an unconditioned building. Air conditioning will cool the space, but doesn’t remove large amounts of water from the air. It’s also expensive to operate. A Subcooled Air dehumidifier dries the air deeply and operating costs are kept low. Up to a 7,000 square foot building can be dried with a small unit. Buildings don’t need to be insulated for humidity control.


Employees are less productive when they and their clothing are wet with sweat. Keeping your building and employees dry is easy with a properly sized dehumidifier. Changing the air in a closed building less than once an hour with dehumidified air can keep product, equipment and people dry. A small amount of building air is dried to 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit before returning back to the space. The result is a dry environment, keeping contents and people dry and comfortable.