Reduce Electric Use in Your Cannabis Grow Room

Categorised in: | 30/11/2018

Subcooled-reduce electric costs video

Did you know that air-conditioning units and grow room dehumidifiers can actually add heat to your grow room? That can be a problematic situation. One reason is because you are spending more money on your electric bill. Another is the way heat affects your plants. You can reduce electric use in your grow room by reducing the heat inside of it. Subcooled’s hybrid dehumidifiers can lower flower room heat by up to 50%! And you can cool those flower rooms with up to 50% smaller air conditioners. That translates to big savings, as you can see by the cost comparison charts in this video (starting at 10 seconds). An example of a flower room with 60 lights requires 35 to 40 tons of cooling (see video at 20 seconds). With Subcooled dehumidifiers, the room only needs 20 to 25 tons of air conditioning. Check out the information on the video at 20 seconds to see how the BTU calculations work out. Please contact us at, or (713) 201 – 1478, if you have questions about the charts, or if you are interested in getting one of Subcooled’s hybrid dehumidifier units.