Humidity Removal Cool or Warm Air

Categorised in: | 29/03/2019

On a recent road trip west, two clients had the same request from our dehumidifier. “Can I control the dehumidifier from my central environmental controller?”

Yes, the Subcooled 705 and 550 Hybrid dehumidifiers are controlled with a 24 volt signal. They can be energized with a wall humidistat or by connecting terminals to a set of “dry contacts” in the controller.

They also wanted to control reheat. And the good news is they can do that too.

By adding a terminal in the dehumidifier, reheat  can be controlled remotely. Reheat will turn off and on at the desired room temperature. When lights turn off and the room begins to cool, reheat energizes. Warm (80 degree F), dry air is delivered to room. When lights turn on and room begins heating, reheat is turned off and cool (60 to 70 degree F), dry air is provided by Subcooled dehumidifiers.