How to Avoid Overcooling Your Cannabis Grow Room at Night

Categorised in: | 05/02/2019

In our Subcooled 705 dehumidifier’s electric panel, a “Night Thermostat” senses ambient air temperature and automatically turns on reheat for you. The factory setting for this is 72F. So when the lights go off, the room starts cooling with the absence of heat from the lights, along with the cooler night temperatures. The Subcooled 705’s thermostat sensor will cool down to 72F, then the reheat feature turns on at that point. No more cold air issues at night! We take care of this for you.

You can also minimize humidity spikes in your grow room by raising the setpoint to 77F. Reheat turns on when the room cools to 77F. Spikes will be minimized because the room cools slower after the lights go out.

Grow Room Image: @ri_finest_gardens