How Summer Heat and Humidity Impact Your Grow Room Dehumidifier

Categorised in: | 04/06/2019

Repost image from ri_finest_ showing an empty cannabis grow room ready to be filled with cannabis plantsSealing cannabis grow rooms and ductwork are crucial steps to minimize climate control costs. Summer heat and humidity puts equipment in your grow room to the test.

High day and night outdoor dew point temperatures add to water removal requirements unless the room (walls, ceiling, floor) and HVAC system are perfectly sealed to eliminate air infiltration.
Differences between room and outdoor air pressure also contribute to infiltration moisture and heat loads. Infiltration measures the volume of outdoor air that seeps into the room or HVAC system.

Air conditioners are forced to use more capacity on moisture removal, reducing sensible cooling capacity. Summer air infiltration increases energy costs and HVAC/dehumidifier equipment requirements. Quality construction practices are imperative, or you will pay for it in monthly energy costs.

Grow Room Image:  Repost from Instagram/@ri_finest_