Industrial Dehumidifier Sca 2000


When commercial spaces are less than 7,000 square feet, the SCA2000 controls outdoor heat and provides excellent humidity control. Targeted or “spot cooling” on problem areas or equipment is another application for this unit.

Hot, humid outside air is cooled to the 40 degree Fahrenheit range, providing both cold and dry air to the project. Cold air absorbs both heat and moisture, providing more comnfort and lower humidity to workers and sensative equipment. Clothes and skin stays dry even when space temperature is only cooled to 80 degree range. This provides a great sense of comfort for workers and utilizes less energy that cooling to the usual 70 degree reange with standard air conditioners.

If space and portability are critical, the Subcooled Air 2000 is at home in high-rise construction projects, as well as the tight space constraints found in shipyards, refineries and many industrial settings.

Summer heat and humidity can cause seasonal enviromental issues to manufacturing, food preparation and product storage. An infusion of fully condidtioned outside air or return air can alleviate these problems.Clumping powders and half-dry product are no longer an issue when cold, dry Subcooled Air is added to the normal air stream. Subcooled Air equipment provides better drying of hot, humid air than desiccant dehumidifiers and uses less than half of the energy to do the job. There is also the added benefit of cooling that desiccants can’t provide.

Subcooled Air 2000: 2,000 cfm Portable Industrial Mechanical Dehumidifier
Dimensions: 34″ W x 72″ L x 80″ HH
Weight: 1900 pounds
Main Disconnect: 40 amps
Power Supply: 460 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 phase
Full Load Amperage: 35 amps @ 460 volts
Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 42.1 amps; #6 AWG minimum cable
Maximum Overcurrent Protection: 69.0 amps
Generator Requirements: 50KW, 480 volt
Supply Air Blower:
2,000 cfm @ 1.0″
leaving static pressure; 1,500 cfm @ 3.0″ leaving static pressure
Duct Connection: 1 -12″ diameter duct
Filter Size: 2 – 14″H x 25″ W x 2″ deep
Temperature Drop: 35 to 45⁰F
Optional Heating: 25kW electric
Refrigeration: 15 ton, R-410a, scroll
Lifting Options: fork lift pockets in base
SCA 2000 Dehumidifiers
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All information contain herewithin is approximate and is subject to revision by Subcooled Air, L.P. Please contact for further equipment information regarding your project.