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Heating Options

  • Electric heaters can be operated year-round.
  • Condenser reheat uses no power, but requires outdoor temperatures to remain above 50 degrees F.

Electric Heat:
Electric resistance heaters operate independent of the cooling system. If heat alone is required during cooler weather, this feature is recommended. Typical heaters are sized to deliver 30 to 40 degrees F air temperature rise. Higher temperature gains are available upon request.

Condenser Reheat:
Cold, dry air can be heated to 80 or 90 degrees F, free. The flip of a switch diverts hot refrigerant gas and reheats the normally cold supply air. This feature allows humid outside air to be cooled and dried, then heated, to lower relative humidity of leaving air. Warm or hot, humid outside air is conditioned to 20-25% relative humidity leaving air with Subcooled dehumidifiers. Subcooled air conditioners can also be supplied with this feature. Watch the website video demonstrating condenser reheat.

Dehumidifier Operation with Condenser Reheat

Dry air can be delivered warm or cold, day or night. Warm, dry air maintains low night-time humidity levels in controlled areas. Cold, dry air is useful for many summer applications.