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Industrial AC 40 TON

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Industrial AC 40 TON

These industrial air conditioner rental-grade units provide temporary and effective cooling for a wide range of applications including construction sites, refineries, shipyards, industry and special events.

Both outdoor or building return air can be cooled with the 60 ton industrial air conditioning package. Air flow rates up to 7,000 cubic feet per minute deliver cooling to 45 degrees. The unit can cool one large space or several smaller areas.

Operation can be controlled for building return air or leaving temperature when outdoor air is being cooled. Rental-friendly controls assure optimal performance to users with little to no technical experience.

A direct-drive, variable speed, supply air fan allows quiet (‹70dBA) operation at low speed or high static pressure (>4-inches wg) at high speed.

  • Multiple refrigeration circuits and hot-gas bypass provide reliable capacity control for a wide range of outdoor temperatures.
  • Variable speed condenser fans maintain head pressure during cool weather.
  • Variable speed supply air blower regulates leaving temperature and sound level.
  • Compact size 7'W by 9'L allows large cooling to be placed in small areas.
BS40: 8,000 cfm
Portable Industrial Air Conditioner
Dimensions: 7' 10" W x 8' 10" L x 8' 4" H
Weight: 5500 pounds
Main Disconnect: 200 amps
Power Supply: 460 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 phase
Full Load Amperage: 83.8 amps @ 460 volts
Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 91.4 amps; #1 AWG minimum cable
Maximum Overcurrent Protection: 121.8 amps
Generator Requirements: 100KW,480 volt
Supply Air Blower: 8,000 cfm @ 2.0" leaving static pressure; 5,000cfm @ 5.0" leaving static pressure
Duct Connection: 2 – 16" diameter ducts
Filter Size: 6 - 20"H x 20" W x 2" deep
Temperature Drop: 30 to 50ºF
Optional Heat: 70kW; up to 30⁰F rise
Refrigeration: 2- 20 ton, R-410a, scroll compressors
Adjustable Supply Air : 4,500 to 8,000cfm VFD dial controller
Lifting Options: fork lift pockets in base and four point overhead lifting lugs
40 ton A/C Datasheet Download PDF

All information contain herewithin is approximate and is subject to revision by Subcooled Air, L.P. Please contact for further equipment information regarding your project.