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Commercial Dehumidifier Subcooled Air Dehumidifier 5 ton (Climadry 705)

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Climadry 705 (Subcooled Air Dehumidifier 5 ton: SCA1000)

Lights-off humidity control in larger cannabis grow rooms typically require multiple portable dehumidifiers that add heat to the space. Subcooled Air is delivered cool and dry. This splitsystem dehumidifier removes over 700 pints per day.

Undersizing dehumidifiers results in higher room humidity levels just as an undersized air conditioner delivers high room temperature.

  • Connects to a standard 5 ton, R-410a air conditioner condensing unit.
  • Plugs into a standard 15 amp, 115 volt wall receptacle.
SCA1000: 1,000 cfm Grow Room Dehumidifier
Dimensions: 42" W x 47" L x 28" H
Weight: 300 pounds
Power Supply: 115 Volt, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Full Load Amperage: 4.4 amps @ 115 volts
Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 10 amps; #14 AWG minimum cable
Maximum Overcurrent Protection: 15 amps
Supply Air Blower: Two speed; up to 1,000 cfm
Filter Size: 20"H x 30" W x 2" deep
Heat: condenser reheat
Refrigeration: connects to a 5 ton, R-410a, outdoor condensing unit
Lifting Options: fork lift pockets in base
SCA1000 Datasheet Download PDF

All information contain herewithin is approximate and is subject to revision by Subcooled Air, L.P. Please contact for further equipment information regarding your project.